In 2005, Toby came out with a song called Honkytonk U, in which our boy travelled from his native Oklahome to Fort Smith, AR to help out his grandma in her bar.  Well, Toby was just a kid (12 years old) when that story unfolded.  And now, some 38 years later, we get another chapter from that era with Toby's new album, Clancy's Tavern.

“It was a supper club, and they don't even really have 'em anymore. It was a tavern up front, and it only served beer. And you could pay cover from 6 o'clock on that night and go on into the back, and they had fine dining and a band and a dance floor. If you just wanted to sit and listen to the band and drink beer, and you weren't into dancing, and you weren't into dining,” then you could just sit, listen and drink,"

he recalled.

The business his grandma ran was officially called Bill Garner's Supper Club.  But, while running it, she got the nickname "Clancy".  I guess if you run a bar, you gotta be a "Clancy".  Who knew?

But, back to the new CD.  the tracklist looks like this:

  • Made in America
  • I Need to Hear a Country Song
  • Clancy's Tavern
  • Tryin' to Fall in Love
  • Just Another Sundown
  • Beers Ago
  • South of You
  • Club Zydeco Moon
  • I Won't Let You Down
  • Red Solo Cup
  • High Time (You Quit Your Lowdown Ways)
  • Truck Drivin' Man
  • Shambala
  • Chill-axin
  • Memphis

By the way, radio programmers across the country are still up in the air regarding Red Solo Cup.  There are no less than three or four versions of the song.  I guess if you're running a "family show" there are a few words in the un-editted version y'al should probably just move on past.

The CD officially dropped on Monday.  Made in America was a number one and we'll just have to see what else will be released from this latest studio album.  Toby's going to Europe for awhile, to let our friends from across the pond get a little Oklahoma/Arkansas flavor to their concerts.  We'll keep an eye on Toby's tour to see how it all shakes out.  In the meantime, there's plenty ot enjoy on his latest album.

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