You’ve heard it on the radio, you’ve heard it on YouTube emanating from 3-year-old kids in their car seats and now you can hear Toby Keith‘s all-too-catchy ‘Red Solo Cup’ on the hit app Tap Tap Revenge. The music game, which is currently the most downloaded app overall, was created by Tapulous and is compatible with the iPod Touch, iPhone and Android.

Essentially, this game is like Guitar Hero for your fingers. You pick a song from your favorite artist and then watch as the little lights come shooting toward you. As long as you tap them at the right time, you’re in the clear, but if you can’t keep up and tap with multiple fingers and at various intervals, there’s no hope for you.

Currently 88 million users are using the clever little app, trying to see if they can tap skillfully along with their favorite songs. Beginning this week, gamers can take on the challenge of tapping their way through Keith’s ‘Red Solo Cup,’ which has been the No.1 selling single for 12 weeks straight with more than 1.2 million downloads.

The anthem, which is part Jimmy Buffett party tune and part Irish drinking song, is so catchy that it’s hard to shake from your mind once you hear it. But if you’re not afraid to have it spinning in your head this weekend, be sure to check out some of the hilarious videos of little kids singing their versions of the hit. Just because they’re too young to tap along to this new game doesn’t mean they’re missing out on the craze that has all of us humming “Red Solo Cup / I fill you up / Lets have a party, lets have a party …”