Listen, great music is great music.  I don't care if you like Johnny Cash, Aretha Franklin, the Insane Clown Posse or Li'l Wayne.  And Mr. Bennett proves it once again with this lovely little piece of magic.This album follows up on his "Duets"" album that featured artists that were not as old as he is, but were certainly closer to the 85 year-old artist than the crew he's assembled for "II".

In fact, several of his partners in this effort are closer to one-quareter his age.  "Duets II"  features names like Lady Gaga, Carrie Underwood, the late Amy Winehouse. Tony was asked what he thought= the line-up, and he responded very simply and honestly "There are children everywhere", he said.

Probably the most poignant cut on the disc is the duet with the late Amy Winehouse.  Tony and Amy team up on a sweet rendition of the great Billie Holliday's "Body and Soul".

There's something for everyone on this one.  Check out the collaboration with Aretha Franklin and Carrie Underwood.  Both cuts are more than worth the price of admission.  It's never easy to bring multi-generational duets together.  Some just hope for the best.  With "Duets II", that's just what you get:  the best.

Oh, and be sure to check out the cut featuring Tony Bennett and Willie Nelson.  These guys each have a voice that shaped a generation of music and defined so many tunes.

You can get the album at several retail outlets or at Amazon's website


"Duets II".  Nice.

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