Laramie is a great little college town and for many of us our first date might have been right here in Laramie. We thought it would be neat to give your our top 12 first date locations in Laramie and see what you think. Most importantly anyone looking to go on their first date in town can grab some suggestions from the veterans who have been around the block. Pay attention youngsters, this story is for you!

The Restaurant First Date

A first date at a restaurant is a classic that cannot be beat. When I think about the best restaurants in town for a first date Altitudes and Tommy Jacks come to mind as the prime spots because of their romantic atmospheres. Additionally a date at a coffee shop can be the perfect match to sit down and have a chat with that special someone.

1 - Altitudes

2 - Tommy Jacks

3 - Turtle Rock Coffee Shop

The Entertainment First Date

There is no easier way to get to know someone than heading to the movies or bowling alley for a night of fun. However one date location that is a little classier probably gets overlooked quite often and that is the Ice Arena. Ice skating is a great activity considering you and that special someone are at least somewhat coordinated. Fortunately UW puts on some pretty cool plays and events as well that make for a great first date. Check out UW events HERE

4 - Stroryteller Theaters

5 - Bowling Alley

6 - Laramie Ice & Event Center

7 - University of Wyoming Performances & Events

Outdoor Recreation First Date

The last category of dates is probably my favorite; the outdoor recreation first date. Laramie has some awesome country to explore and a hike or bike ride makes for a great adventure. Any of the parks a great place for a walk as well, plus who says grown up don't like to play on the playground equipment! Walking along the paths beside the Laramie river is also hard to beat on a nice sunny day; of course we don't recommend this during winter. With the winter season though a few added possibilities come up like taking a hike on snow shoes in the mountains or sledding at Happy Jack (Check out our articles about these activities on Laramie Live). Last but not least one of the funnest dates can be a trip up to Vedauwoo for the afternoon because it is great place to get away from people and enjoy nature with your date!

 8 - Washington Park

9 - Laramie River Green Belt

10 - Snowshoeing

11 - Sledding & Tubing

12 - Vedauwoo

We would love to hear you spots for a best first date if we left out one of your favorites so comment below and let us know. If you have any first date stories in Laramie we would love to hear them as well!