Depending on how you act in public, you could get punched in the face just about anywhere. But, every town has those spots that increase the likelihood of getting socked.

We're certainly not implying that if you visit these places you'll get punched, but the chances are increased...


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    Outlaw Saloon

    In July 2015 a packed and intoxicated crowd gathered to watch live music at the Outlaw. When a drone flew overhead, a few concert-goers didn't take kindly... especially the guy who threw a beer bottle at it and wound up hitting a crowd of people. *THIS VIDEO IS NSFW*

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    Big Horn Motel

    To the credit of the Big Horn, they have tried to renovate a bit recently. But, there is a long history of violence in this place. Like this story, that story, oh and this one. 

    Doug Randall, Townsquare Media
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    Cheyenne Frontier Days Concerts

    Chances are if you go to a CFD show, you'll have a great time. Just remember to bring your patience and manners. There's always one person in the crowd who completely overreacts to getting a beer spilled on them.

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    The only thing more frustrating than the person who can't figure out the roundabout, is the person who is overly aggressive in the roundabout. If someone cuts you off, just try to stay in your vehicle.

    Townsquare Media
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    Cheyenne Boxing Club

    We'll end on a positive one. Instead of taking your aggression out in traffic, or at the Outlaw. Join the Cheyenne Boxing Club! 

    Cheyenne Boxing Club