You know, it's just bound to be traumatic to lose your home to fire.  It's probably much, much worse for a child.  We reported earlier about Trace Adkins losing his Tennessee home to fire.  Now, it's time for the family to move on from that tragedy, and it starts with tearing the fire-damaged building down.

Trace reportedly kept his daughters home from school so that they could see the demolition occuring.  and he hoped that witnessing the conclusion of the demolition would help with closure.

The "good" news (if there is any) is that no one in the family was hurt when the fire destroyed their home.  Trace and his wife were on the road and the caregiver for the girls was able to get everyone out safely.

As to watching the big machines take their home down, Trace was pretty philisophical.  As he told The Tennesseean

“It didn’t seem to bother my 6-year-old and my 13-year-old,” he told the paper.  “They’re like me."

"My 10-year-old and [wife] Rhonda teared up. They use this big bulldozer and it’s like a big dinosaur eating your house.”

It's gotta be tough to lose a home where your children played and grew.  The family has thanked their many supporters and has told their many well-wishers they appreciate the concern.  Several people had asked if they could do fund-raisers for the family.  Of course, the Adkins are in a financial position to not need any help.  They're looking forward to the re-build.  We'll keep up with the story.

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