First the good news:  The fire that destroyed Trace Adkins home in early June only destroyed stuff.  You know, clothes and guitars and furniture.  No one was hurt.  Very good news indeed.

But, for anyone who has ever suffered a loss of property in a fire, you know the long, drawn out process you have to go through.  Rebuilding their Nashville home will take, and this is the actual quote from Trace, "for freakin' ever".

While the process plays itself out, Trace, his wife and their three daughters are living on their farm.  Trace is quoted in an interview appearing on that "The insurance company declared it a total loss, and now they have to figure out what that means and assign a value to it,"  

"It takes ridiculously long. I just want to get what's left of that house torn down. It looks sad. It's the eyesore of the neighborhood. We all want to get it gone."

The family called the place home for over 11 years.  Lots of memories.  Lots of stuff. 

 "Just over the last week, it's falling in on me, like a delayed reaction," he said. "Every day, you think of something else you lost, and those things just keep popping up, like someone smacking you again."

One treasure he'll never see again is a one-of-a-kind guitar Buck Owens gave him with an inscription on the pickguard. "That's gone," he said. "Things like that. Pictures of me with my heroes. Portraits of my kids. That's the stuff you miss the most. There's that saying about how you stand outside what used to be your home after something like this, and you say, 'The family's OK, and that's all that matters.' But until it's actually happened to you, that's when the weight of those words takes on a significance you never even imagined. Everything pales after that."

Trace went on to say, "Some things I wish I still had, but then you think of what it could've been," he said, "and you can't even let your mind go there. "

It's going to be a long and difficult journey.  But Trace has what's really important, his family and the love and support of millions of fans.  Here's to the day when they move back in.