It's just part of being a famous country star.  When tragedy strikes, all your fans are super interested in how things are going.  That's certainly true with the Adkins family.  Now comes word of how they're putting together the plans for their new home following the devastating firs.

Nearly half a year has passed since the fire.  In an interview with our colleagues at Taste of Country, Trace and his wife Rhonda have reportedly planned a modest home to be built on the same land.  Theer won't be any huge mansion serving as their domicile going forward.

"We're just not into that," Trace told the website. "We want it to be warm and welcome. It's going to be reasonable. It's not going to be ridiculous."

Investigation has shown that the June fire was the result of an overloaded or loose electrical connection in the attached garage.  Neither Trace nor his wife were home and the children, along with the family's pets were led to safety by the nanny.

Trace was reportedly moved by the out-pouring of support and actual offers of financial help.  Turns out, being a country mega-star puts one in a position that makes financial help from others absolutely unnecessary.

"We are blessed; we are fortunate," he told The Boot. "We are not destitute, we are not homeless, and there are other people who aren't as fortunate as we are who need a lot of help. In light of all the tornadoes and everything, we just wanted to make sure that my fans direct their generosity that way. We have a place to stay, and the kids are healthy and that's all that matters anyway."

Sounds like Trace has his priorities right where they need to be.  I would imagine he and his family would prefer to not be the center of attention, but, there is a price to be paid for being famous.  Trust me, the fans' interest in this story is not going away anytime soon.

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