Believe it or not, Trace Adkins turns out to be a fan of the country-pop group Exile.  Who knew?  But, it turns out that Trace really enjoyed the music of the band that had success in the late  70's and early 80's.

Nobody had a bigger hit in the late '70s than Kiss You All Over,  Trace explains. And the thing that we all liked about it was that it was a little naughty.
So, how did it come about that Trace had anything to do with Exile?  Well, it appears he met up with the boys at a recent appearance at the Grand Ole Opry.  He was pretty impressed and actually approached them about recording the iconic pop tune.  The band was all for it.

We were like, 'Yeah! band member Sonny LeMaire tells Nashville's Tennessean.  If there's another voice that could do the opening lines of the song, it's Trace's. I'm just over the top on this thing. I'm amazed at the generosity of Trace.

I'm always up for a cross-genre duet.  One of my favorite television shows has to be Cross-Roads.  I think that good music is good music and it doesn't matter if you're wearing a cowboy hat...or a meat dress, for that matter.

No word yet whether Trace might include the song on his next CD. Great American Country showed the special that highlights the collaboration last weekend on their national network.

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