I used to keep ticket stubs and backstage passes from some of my favorite shows over the years but in a seemingly futile effort to clear the clutter in my life, I have let most of them go. But a Louisiana company has come up with a great idea to turn your stubs into door mats.

Available in 24"x36" or 36"x60" prices go from $34 - $75 + $15 shipping. You’re ticket stub will also be returned if you send it. A picture works too, but not as well.

Instead of sitting in your dresser drawer, your old ticket stubs can be seen and shared with all your friends as a welcome mat to wipe your feet on.

Lakeside Camera Photoworks says “Concert mats are made of 20 oz. loop with a rubber backing and black edge. These mats will fade if you leave it outside in direct sunlight. We are unaware of any image or paint that can ultimately resist direct sunlight.

How much is too much? As in all things, it depends. How much sun, etc. If you want to keep it looking crisp, you’ll keep it out of direct sunlight.

Can be washed with soap and water.. then rinse well.
Residual soap is sticky.”

What concert, movie or event would you want to turn into a floor mat?

You can also put a ticket stub on a coffee cup. You can also make a pillow from a ticket stub. Then there are coffee tables, lamps, coasters and more here.