Officials with the Laramie Police Department say the woman found unconscious in Laramie on Memorial Day has been identified with the help of the public.

The Laramie Police Department asked for help in identifying a woman who was found unconscious at the intersection of Ninth Street and Russell Street. Police sought help from the public by sending alerts on the CodeRED Alert System, Cable Interrupt, Public Service Announcements and local media.

Laramie Police Chief Dale Stalder says that the woman had a medical episode which resulted in her loss of consciousness.

“It was entirely medical—no criminal, no foul play, nothing like that at all,” says Chief Stalder.

Chief Stalder did not identify the exact medical nature of the episode.

He said the woman went for a walk and experienced a medical problem, resulting in her loss of consciousness.

The woman, whose name has not been released, was identified last night.