The City of Laramie has announced a change to the format for Municipal Services bills.

Beginning with the next billing cycle at the end of July, bills will be received in an envelope instead of a post card form. The post card format has been used for a long time, but the City of Laramie feels that the envelopes will bring a more reliable delivery method for monthly billing.

In addition, the city also offers an EBill option for customers who want to receive their bills in an electronic format. Customers using EBill can discontinue using the paper method by sending their name, address of service, telephone number and email address to

Also, Click-2-Gov is now offered so people can have access to their municipal services account 24-hours a day. Click-2-Gov can be used to view account information and charts and graphs of historic billing data, review water consumption by month, or pay bills by credit or debit card. Click-2-Gov is available for primary owners of record of residential and commercial properties. You can sign up for it at

For additional information or questions call the City’s Municipal Services billing office at 307-721-5200.