The University of Wyoming’s Ruckelshaus Institute of Environment and Natural Resources is now accepting applications for its 2014 Collaboration Program in Natural Resources (CPNR).

CPNR is a series of six intensive, hands-on sessions which train individuals to solve natural resource issues collaboratively. The sessions focus on: self-awareness, leadership skills, collaborative problem solving for regulatory and landscape-scale natural resource issues, facilitation skills, and other related topics.

The program will also explore real-world case histories and exercises for participants to practice collaborative approaches and leadership styles.

The program’s director, Jessica Clement, is a UW research scientist who specializes in Human Dimensions of Natural Resources. Her expertise in collaborative governance and learning is related to forests, wildlife, recreation, public lands and other resources.

Clement, in a UW press release, stated that collaborative approaches offer solutions which would normally have remained hidden. “When people collaborate, they buy in to solutions and see them through to fruition,” Clement further states.

Participation in CPNR requires attendance of six sessions as follows:

-- Self Discovery and Introduction to Concepts, April 23-25, Lander;

-- Group Processes: Negotiation and Leadership Skills, June 16-18, Lander;

-- Collaboration for Communities and Landscapes, Aug 11-13, 2014, Lander;

-- Collaborative Problem Solving at the Federal, State and County Level, October 2014, Casper

-- Practicum Review and Facilitation Training, Dec. 3-5, Casper;

-- Practicum Presentation and Graduation, March 2015, location and date to be determined.