The University of Wyoming has dismissed 54 faculty and staff positions as part of its plan to meet a six percent reduction in state funding.

According to the University, they will make plans to accommodate the remaining portion of the budget reduction without eliminating anymore positions by cutting down non-personnel  support budgets and various kinds of scholarships. The whole reduction process will be reduced by 11.8 million  for the fiscal year which begins July 1st. The six percent reduction  was ordered by the state governor and Wyoming State Legislature.

According to the UW release, the 11.8 million reduction is divided by a 5.7 million cut in UW support budgets, 3.1 million in personnel costs, 2.4 million in scholarships, and graduate school expenses. There was a 600,000 cut from the School Energy of Energy Resources as well.

UW President Tom Buchanan says the the University began staff and faculty reductions last year to avoid doing lay offs on July 1st. Buchanan states, "Each of these eliminated positions represents a loss of the university’s capacity to accomplish its mission, so we’re glad there’s no need for further reductions.” The UW President adds, “We have tried to minimize the impact of cuts on students and our core academic mission, but it’s impossible to make a 6 percent reduction without impacting our teaching, research, service and outreach. The effects of the cuts also will take the form of reduced effectiveness in instructional support, reduced student services and reduced capacity to maintain the physical plant.”

For more information on the University's budget process, you can log onto the following UW website.