Now THIS is funny.  I mean, I really like Jerrod Neimann and I knew that he was a world-class kidder.    But, I literally laughed out loud when I checked out his video on his website.

Maybe I just have a crazy sense of humor, but I thought it was hilarious when I watched Jerrod talking to his fans and urging them to vote for him as the Academy of Country Music New artist of the year.

He makes a pretty good point.  I mean, if you (like me) are convinced that the end of the world as we know it is a bad thing, then you better get yourself organized and vote!  It could be the last ballot for New Artist of the Year that you will ever make!  Ever!

I'm talking urgency here, people. 

No, not really.  But, hey, a little creativity on Jerrod's part pursuaded me to write up this here  little blog about it.  That, in turn, could get  you to go to the website and cast your vote for him.  And if he wins, well, it's all good.

Until the world ends, of course.  And I wish him the very best of luck finding some Mayans.

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