Would you reveal your secret fishing spot? You know, that one place you'll only share with your best buds, and even then it’s only after they have been sworn to secrecy?

Well, they aren’t asking for your secret fishing hole, but the Wyoming Game and Fish Department is asking anglers to vote for their favorite fishing spot.

In their own version of March Madness, the Game and Fish is holding their first ever Best of Wyoming Top Fishing Spot Tournament. All you have to do is vote for your favorite and help crown the champion fishing spot here in the Cowboy State.

Every few days, a new round of voting will be underway. The tournament will continue into the beginning of April when one fishing spot will rise victorious as a state favorite.

Fisheries biologists from each of the state’s eight regions have selected the waters most likely to be loved by anglers based on size of fish, success, and other factors. Those biologists also selected their top seeds.

The top seeds in each region are:

While these are the biologists’ favorites to win, they don’t have to. Several loved fishing areas from each region are up for vote in this March Madness type event.

“Wyoming is home to some of the best fishing in the world and most of us have a favorite spot. We’re not asking anyone to give away any secrets, but we thought we’d take a moment to think about the opportunities that lie ahead this summer,” said Mark Fowden Chief of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s Fish Division.

Game and Fish stocks about five million fish each year in 443 different waters. This includes 19 different species.

“We have had good moisture the last couple years and when you combine that with efficiencies and investments in our hatcheries we are seeing bigger and more abundant fish,” Fowden said.

To buy a fishing license for 2015 or learn more about fishing access visit the Game and Fish website.