Attention all bacon lovers! Your favorite iPhone can now wake you up with the smell of bacon?

That's right, Oscar Mayer, the bacon and hot dog company, has announced that they have released a "Wake Up and Smell the Bacon" app. You'll need the app, as well as a dongle that plugs into the bottom of your iPhone or iOS device to send out a scented bacon spray in the morning as you get out of bed.

The dongle works with a companion alarm application in order to correctly time the release of the bacon spray. In addition to the bacon smell, the companion app also plays the sound of cooking bacon to accompany the smell. Of course, the wonderful siiiizzzzling sound of bacon paired with the smoky smell could also lead to a massive amount of disappointment (perhaps the app comes with a warning that there’s no actual bacon being prepared for your morning breakfast?).

Prepare yourself for disappointment: Oscar Mayer isn't actually selling the Wake Up and Smell the Bacon dongle. The company plans on giving away a limited number of these noise- and smell-emitting devices through a promotion that ends early next month.

Unfortunately, it’s currently only limited to people that own an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad as the company has no plans to release the companion app for Android or Windows phones (That's what you get for not hopping on the Apple bandwagon folks!).

According to a beta tester at the Mashable website, the Wake Up and Smell the Bacon scent has a smoky smell and comes with an additional replacement cartridge. It’s still unknown at this time if Oscar Mayer will be selling additional cartridges to winners of the promotion or will eventually release the dongle to the public. And we aren't sure how long the smell will last. A few seconds? A few weeks? A few years? (thereby making you hate and despise bacon when you come in contact with it?).

If it was available to purchase, would you buy this app or dongle for your iPhone?