This week is homecoming at the University of Wyoming featuring the homecoming theme of “We are Wyoming.” As many know, each year comes with a new theme for events around homecoming.

Keener Fry, Director of the UW Alumni Association, says the process of selecting a theme begins with a committee made up of alumni, staff and faculty. The committee deliberates over several themes and eventually narrows it down to three. After more discussion the committee votes on one single theme for the homecoming celebration. Fry said this year’s theme discussions began in early spring and was wrapped up by the beginning of July.

Fry says that the committee ultimately decided on “We are Wyoming” to show the pride UW has for the state in which it resides.

“We wanted to acknowledge that as a University we stand strong and have tremendous pride in who we are and what we stand for,” said Fry.

He points out that UW is, in fact, Wyoming’s only four year university, making it unique.

“We draw on a rich heritage of education, exploration, and enterprise that embodies the spirit of the people of Wyoming,” Fry said. “We believe the theme ‘We are Wyoming’ celebrates the achievements of individuals representing the institution including students, faculty, staff, alumni and donors, and we believe it recognizes the unique bond that we have with the people of Wyoming.”

Fry points out that a Wyoming centered theme also speaks to those who have attended UW but have since left the state.

The theme will primarily be featured in the parade which takes place on Saturday, October 18. The theme will also be featured in many student events and competitions on campus.