Halloween Express has compiled information from social media and come up with our biggest fears, by state. It looks like bears make strike a chord in this region.

While most grownups have lost their fears of ghosts, goblins and vampires, Halloween brings fun to the scarier things of life… and death. With the recent rise in scary clowns appearing around the country and here in The Cowboy State, I am afraid that some idiot will get shot outside of Halloween celebrations. Hold your fire Wyoming, the most heavily armed state in the union.

The Halloween Express article is informative and well written, but does make a dark and lasting impression. In real life our fears are not the stuff of make-believe, but instead, worthy of concern, consisting of the top fears of being poor, being lonely and being dead.

War is a big fear, being burned is right up there and then, there are spiders. Arachnologists aside, we all hate spiders. Well, not all spiders, I did read Charlotte’s Web.