Have you been wondering what business will be moving into the UW Plaza along Grand Avenue?

We’ve all see the construction of a new building on the 2400 block of Grand Avenue, right next to Warren FCU, but what is it?

Despite a variety of rumors about new businesses coming to Laramie and moving into the building, the building will soon be occupied by a business we’re all familiar with.

The Maurices clothing store will be leaving their downtown location to move into the up and coming building.

It’s still unknown what will become of their current space, as no commitment has been made by anyone to take over the location at 308 South Second Street in Downtown Laramie. Trey Sherwood with the Laramie Main Street Alliance says that the building owner has expressed interest in remodeling the space, so it may be a while before a new business moves in.

Expecting to move in sometime in September, the new store on Grand Avenue will provide more space and a convenient location.