Is there anything more beautiful than a Wyoming sunrise?  Maybe, but if there is then it would most likely have to be a Wyoming sunset.

Over the weekend I got a chance to spend some free time in the great Wyoming outdoors, and it was the first time I got to take in both the sunrise and sunset while fishing.  When it occurred to me - I wonder which folks in Wyoming like more - Wyoming Sunrises? or Sunsets?

Both sunrise and sunset make for some beautiful scenic views, but I'm not sure I could just one.  I tend to take in more sunsets than sunrises, mostly because I enjoy sleeping in. But when I do get up early, the sun breaking the horizon at dawn is certainly a sight to behold.

So, I'll put it to you - which do you think are more breathtaking - Wyoming Sunsets or Sunrises?

Check out these pics of some amazing Wyoming Sunrises -

Check out these examples of our amazing Wyoming Sunsets -

Those are just a couple of examples, but now comes the difficult question -