Ever wonder where the worst place to drive in the nation is?  And ever wonder where Wyoming ranks in the good drivers/bad drivers of America?

According to this study from Allstate Insurance, when it comes to the probability of getting into an accident, our nation's capitol, Washington, D.C. is the worst.  (I figured it was from people either dodging congress or aiming right at them!)  They looked at the amount of damage claims in several cities across the U.S. and found that people in D.C. were 109% more likely to get into an accident, so driving through Washington D.C must be murder! (Which I also understand they're ranked up in the top of that category too, probably from all those angry people who got into accidents!)

So where are the good drivers?  According to the same study, it's to our neighbors to south in the quaint little city of Ft. Collins, Co.  where drivers go approximately 13 years between accidents, while those in D.C. only last roughly 4 1/2 years between crashes.

Now I noticed that our cowboy state was not on this particular list, and even though they've donned Ft. Collins the "safest city" for driving, I beg to differ, since one of my last jobs was actually reporting traffic crashes in the Ft. Collins area.  But now that I'm moving to the cowboy state, I've heard from several people how crazy the drivers are in Wyoming, but in particularly in Cheyenne!  At first I thought, naah, that can't be true, until the other day when my husband and I were leaving the ANB bank building only to nearly be plowed into from someone who drove right through a red light.  And one of my co-workers said that his daughter was nearly plowed into, by someone who was trying to make a right turn from the left lane, and his daughter JUST got her license!   No telling how long the driver who almost plowed into her had his.

So where do you think we rank in Wyoming?  Do you think we're on the good side of the driving scale, or do you think we rate right up (or, in this case, down) with Washington, D.C.?