If you're hoping to buy a lottery ticket in the state of Wyoming, you've got to some time on your hands before you can.

With the Powerball jackpot coming close to an estimated $600-million, some people in Wyoming are asking where the cowboy state's lottery is.  The Wyoming Legislature, this year, passed a bill that would allow Wyoming to create its own lottery or participate in a multi-state lottery like Powerball.  Governor Matt Mead signed the bill into law last March, and the law is set to go into effect this summer.  However, it will take some time before we see ticketing machines within Wyoming's borders.

"The Wyoming Lottery Corportation becomes official July 1," says Mike Moser, director of the Wyoming State Liquor association.  "The Governor will have appointed a board of directors.  But they'll still have to get outside financing and have contractors to put machines in, et cetera. You probably won't see lottery tickets being sold in Wyoming until the end of they year."

Moser, goes on to say that the end-of-the-year date isn't solid.  Pointing out that things could happen sooner, citing another state that was able to implement a lottery system in three or four months.  "But, we're a big state area-wise.  Getting the I.T. network installed will take a while.  It could happen before the end of the year, or after, but it'll depend on the implementation and the problems they run into with that process."

Powerball, a multi-state lottery, does have tickets available in Wyoming neighbors: Idaho, Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska and Colorado.  The next drawing for the $600-million jackpot is tomorrow, May 18th.