One of the greatest things about Townsquare Media Laramie, is our commitment to you for following us online or listening to us over the radio. Whether it’s our LaramieLive Rewards program, the Mighty 1290 Club, or the Y95 Country Corral, there are many great opportunities for you to receive prizes just for frequenting our websites.

Every few weeks, we have a new list of items that you can be eligible to win, and very recently, we released a list of summer trips that you can win just for participating through our websites. All of the trips are great deals for you and a friend (or friends) to enjoy some great summertime activities and though some of them might be valued higher than others, all that truly matters is which trip is most appealing to you… 

We want to reward you just for answering this poll! Enter your answer to this poll in the Y95country Corral for your chance to win some great prizes like gift certificates, DVDs, and this month a whole slew of prizes to get you ready for summer!

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