If you’ve even been in Laramie during a Wyoming football game day, you know that it is unlike any other day in the Gem City. Storefronts are adorned with waving brown and gold flags, the streets are lined with people in their proudest Poke gear, front lawns are party hotspots, tailgates are dropped and parking lot cookouts commence; game day in Laramie is an event in the truest sense of the word.

In recent years, Laramie has played host to some magnificent games in the college football scene, such as when the Texas Longhorns came to town boasting a top-5 ranking and an almost legendary quarterback. This past season, Wyoming hosted the Nebraska Cornhuskers in what many called the biggest ‘event’ in Wyoming athletics history.

We may not have any significant game on this year’s football calendar that is on par with those, but the 2012 home schedule for the Cowboys is certainly one worthy of anticipation. Looking ahead to the home games scheduled for UW this year, we want to know which game you are looking forward to the most:

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