Trips to Ft. Collins are fairly common for Laramie citizens, especially when fans are cheering on the University of Wyoming. Whenever the trip is made, drivers have two routes to choose between (weather pending, of course) in U.S highway 287 and Interstates 80 and 25.

While a direct route is offered by taking U.S. 287, higher speed limits and extra lanes can be found on the Interstates. And while the Laramie community has been hit by numerous tragedies on Hwy. 287, sometimes it seems like hardly a week goes by without a semi-truck crashing on I-80.

For the record, Google Maps has the trek on 287 marked at about 65 miles that can be traveled in roughly 1 hour and 15 minutes. If you go the Interstate route, Google Maps says it will take about an hour and a half to go the 90 miles. It’s a debate everyone in Laramie has to make a decision on, and we want to know which route you choose!

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