There is now a license plate in Tennessee for fans of Dolly Parton. If we had a famous Wyomingite on a special plate - though we don't - who should be offered?

We have the top five cases for the honor.

1. Chris LeDoux - Kaycee, WY -- Singer, Sculptor, and Rodeo Champ! To the out of state folk, number one in the hearts of The Cowboy state so often has to be explained, and they still might not get it. Even to all the other famous here, he was everything.

2. Chris Johnson - Buffalo, WY -- Novelist, TV Writer, "Longmire". Yeah, that guy.

3. Nellie Tayloe Ross - Cheyenne, WY -- Not just Wyoming's first female Governor, in 1925, Nellie was the first ever female governor in the entire U.S.A.

4. Curt Gowdy - Green River, WY -- Some of us who admit how old we are will remember the play-by-play voice of the first Super Bowl broadcasts. Sportscaster. Outdoors man, with a state park named after him.

5. Chief Washakie - birthplace unknown -- Warrior, Shoshone Leader, Washakie lived many places in our territory, on the run. He was long revered by the Jim Bridgers of the day.

We also think this well known list has some pretty good stand ins.


6. Jackson Pollock - Cody, WY -- Artist who helped pave the way of the abstracts

7. Pete Williams - Casper, WY -- Journalist, Press Secretary, and from 1993 on, when we heard, "NBC's Pete Williams," we listened.

8. Jay Novacek - Martin, SD - Laramie, WY -- A Cowboy in Laramie, A Cowboy in Dallas (Super Bowl Champ). It took Jason Whitten a long time to break Jay's records.

9. Harrison Ford - Chicago, IL - Jackson, WY -- Actor, Pilot, how far should we go?

10. Dick Cheney - Casper, WY --U.S. House of Representatives, Defense Secretary (Operation Desert Storm was on his watch), to The White House as 46th U.S. V.P.