Three men are in jail following the seizure of 80 pounds of marijuana from a vehicle that was traveling eastbound on I-80 through Albany County.

According to court paperwork Alexis Perez Rosa, Santos Anistacio Hernandez-Martinez and Bryan Barraza Najera are being held, each on a fifty-thousand dollar cash-only bond, in the Albany County Detention center.

Wyoming Highway Patrol Sergent Stephen Townsend says that Troopers stopped a blue passenger van near eastbound milepost 332 of I-80 on Monday morning for speeding.  During investigation and a search by a K-9 unit, troopers found the 80 pounds of marijuana hidden in a speaker box in the back of the van.  Also recovered from within the vehicle were two handguns and two ounces of a substance that tested presumptive-positive for methamphetamine.

The men had originally claimed to be traveling from California to Indiana to look for work.  Rosa had an Arizona I.D. card, Hernandez-Martinez and Najera both had I.D. cards from Mexico, although it was believed that Hernandez-Martinez's I.D. card was fake.

All three suspects are facing felony charges of possession of marijuana as well as possession of marijuana with intent to deliver.  Najera faces additional charges of possession of methamphetamine and possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute.