It's Summer and many folks will be headed into the back country to spend some time with nature.  But are you as prepared to be in the woods as you should be?

While fishing with a buddy in the Montana wilderness several years ago I had my first scary wildlife encounter.  We were fishing around some beaver ponds, when all of a sudden a mamma moose and her calf stood up from the tall grass on the shoreline.

I got my buddies attention and told him to stop where he was and start backing away slowly.  As we were backing away, trying to give the mom and baby moose room, the loud sounds of branches breaking was coming off from our right side.  It was a bull moose and he did't look like he wanted to play around.  His ears were pinned back and I shouted to my friend... RUN!!!

The moose charged as we jumped over a couple of beaver dams and crossed the stream quickly.  After the noise behind us had subsided, I took a peak to see the moose had turned and started back in the direction of the mother and baby moose.

I took out my camera and snapped a couple of quick photos as we caught our breath.  Both realizing how dangerous the situation was we had just encountered.

We did what we could to try and avoid the moose, but still got charged.  Fortunately we knew what to do in that encounter and we didn't get hurt.  But what if it had been a black bear or a grizzly?  Or a mountain lion or wolf?  Would you know what to do in those encounters?

If you're going to be in the woods, there is a chance that these encounters could happen.  Every encounter is different and most of the time the wildlife will take off into the woods, but take a look at the graphic below and make sure you have an idea of what to do if you ever do have a wildlife encounter.