Since Colorado and Washington voters legalized the recreational use, possession and sale of marijuana in 2012, a growing number of states are looking to cash in on the bustling new business. While Wyoming won't be changing our laws anytime soon, a new article predicts we won't be one of the last states to legalize pot.

The website recently published a list ranking the 9 States Where Marijuana Will Be Legalized Last. Their conclusions are based on several factors including geography, the influence of religious organizations and the process whereby ballot initiatives are voted on in each state.

Alabama, a state with no initiative process and strong regulations on alcohol, tops their list. Due to the influence of the Mormon church, Idaho ranks second. For similar reasons, Kansas, Louisiana and North Dakota round out their top five.

So why is Wyoming not on the list?  The article suggests that, due to the state's election rules, voters will be able to bypass the legislature with a ballot initiative. It also cites Wyoming's deeply rooted interest in individual freedom as one reason why the state may eventually warm up to the idea of legalization.

In addition to Alaska, Oregon and Washington, D.C., who approved legalization measures on the ballot last year, states such as California, Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada are likely to follow suit in 2016. According to the Alternet article, the question of legalization in Wyoming is more a matter of "when", not "if".