You will want to make sure you are listening to Y95 Country daily this November because we are giving away cold hard cash every week day! We don't mean a few dollars here and a few dollars there either; hear the Que 2 Call on air Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday and be the 25th caller to win $1,000. If you are the lucky 25th caller on Thursdays you win $10,000! It doesn't get much better than that just in time for the holidays when you could probably use a little extra cash in your bank account.

Now here is a little secret; if you are a member of the Y95 Country Corral you will have exclusive access to the hour that the Que 2 Call will occurr each day. Don't worry, if you are not a member joining is 100% FREE, just register and you are in! The Que 2 Call Times will be accessible from the Y95 Country Corral's home screen and distributed in our weekly newsletter as well. We will also be giving away $10,000 in an online contest and you can use your point to enter as many times as you like so start saving them up for your big shot at $10,000 good luck everyone, now go WIN SOME CASH!