Gas prices in the cowboy state this week changed little, average prices in the state today hitting at 3.56 per gallon.

Patrick DeHann of Gasbuddy-dot-com says we maybe seeing a dip in those prices, in the days to come.  "Now with the return of winter gasoline, which took effect here today, we may see in the next week prices start to wind down," DeHann says.  "Probably won't amount to a whole lot this week, but the roller coaster may pick up in the weeks ahead."

DeHann goes on to explain that, much like the spring-forward and fall-back patterns of daylight savings times, prices on gasoline usually go up during the spring and summer switchover, then trend downwards as gas stations switch to the winter gasoline blend.

Currently the cheapest gas in Casper is $3.30 per gallon.  In Cheyenne the cheapest gas listed is at $3.41 per gallon.  For Laramie, the price is $3.40 per gallon.