Efforts by a local organization to raise money to buy a digital projection system for the Wyo Movie Theater in Laramie have been called off.

The Laramie Film Society, in a status update on their Facebook page, announced Monday that they would no longer participate in fundraising for the digital projection system.

Officials with The Laramie Film Society say that negotiations between the Laramie Film Society board of directors and Rocky Mountain Resort Cinemas (RMRC), the owner of the Wyo Theater, broke down last week over a proposed agreement regarding fund-raising activities for the purchase of a $40,000 digital projection system to keep the Wyo Theatre in business.

The Laramie Film Society had originally scheduled a block party and screening of the film Ghostbusters to kick off fundraising efforts, that event has since been cancelled.

Robert Roten with the Laramie Film Society said, in an email sent to the KOWB News Center, that the owners of the Wyo and the Film Society weren't seeing eye-to-eye in time for the Ghostbusters block party to take place.  "The Laramie Film Society board assumed negotiations had concluded early last week,"  says Roten.  "The negotiations deadline required by RMRC had passed.  However, the owners of RMRC were not satisfied with the agreement and suggested another revision to it late last week. Negotiations had been dragging on for months."

Roten went on to say that there was not enough time to evaluate the new terms of the agreement before all the pieces for the Ghostbusters block party could be put into place.

Negotiations on the fund-raising agreement continue between the Laramie Film Society and RMRC.