CHEYENNE, WY - Former dean of the University of Wyoming's College of Agriculture, Steven W. Horn will be signing his new techno-thriller, The Pumpkin Eater, at Hastings Entertainment in Laramie, Wyoming.

Hastings Entertainment will host the book signing for multiple local authors from 2 - 5 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 2, 2013. The store is located at 654 N 3rd St.
Horn's latest novel and the first in his series, A Sam Dawson Mystery, uncovers a shocking story of undetected mass murders of young women, involving genetic manipulation and the dark history of America's attempt to genetically improve the human species.

The author uses his diverse background to write compelling stories. In The Pumpkin Eater, Horn, a former university dean, draws upon his extensive knowledge of science, as well as his past experiences as a high-level political appointee, to write a dark tale.

"Novels can be more than just entertaining, they should stimulate an emotional response by the reader while leaving them with something to think about long after the book is finished," Horn said.
The novel accelerates the suspense on every page while challenging readers to consider politically charged social issues as the novel races toward an unthinkable ending.
Horn explains that, "Writers are urged to write what should not be forgotten. Remembering the forgotten errors of history cannot correct the past. Rather, it may prevent flawed decisions in the future."
In The Pumpkin Eater, photographer Sam Dawson discovers the crime by chance, noticing identical epitaphs on two graves, separated by a thousand miles. While three-quarters of a century have passed since the murders, the tragedy lives on, involving Sam's long missing sister and his daughter.
Trying to uncover the truth, Sam races to unearth the graves of a lost cemetery and to expose the mass murders of people who were involved in an experiment much larger and more sinister than Sam envisioned.
Horn is recognized for his fast-paced stories. Another Man's Life, his highly acclaimed first novel, has been nominated for numerous awards. The novel depicts the reality of Vietnam wartime atrocities intertwined with the guilt that still threatens innocent lives more than three decades later.
He is working on the next mystery for Sam Dawson to uncover.