Wyoming has launched a new online map application that provides data on the state's natural, cultural and energy resources.

The Natural Resource and Energy Explorer (NREX) tool is designed to support Governor Matt Mead's Energy Strategy by providing public access to credible geographic data and information maintained by state agencies.

"It's a collaborative effort with the University of Wyoming Geographic Information Science Center," said Mead. "It allows access to publicly available data on Wyoming's natural, cultural, socioeconomic and infrastructure resources."

"It's built to support and accelerate planning and discovery," added Mead. "It has analytic capability, real time data updates, yet it maintains a confidentiality of sensitive data sets, allows development of maps, reports and downloading public data."

Mead says the NREX tool will allow people to map out things such as pipelines, endangered species sites and oil and gas wells.

"It's very exciting when you look at what it can do," said Mead. "It'll be a great resource not only for industry, but for those involved in wildlife management, road building and almost anything you can do in the state if you want to know where things are."

David McNew, Getty Images