Wyoming was ranked number one in Wallethub's Best and Worst States for Teachers. in light of International World Teachers Day on October 5.

Wallethub analyzed the 50 states and the District of Columbia to ease the process of finding the best teaching opportunities in the country.

Wallethub examined 18 key metrics, ranging from median starting salary to teacher job openings per capita.

Wyoming was 1st - average starting salaries, 1st - 10-year change in teacher salaries, 3rd - public school spending per student, 2nd - commute time, 4th - safest schools, 5th - median annual salaries, 3rd - pupil to teacher ratio, 10th - unemployment rate and 17th - projected competition (teachers per capita by year 2022).

Rounding out the top five states were by Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Massachusetts, and Viginia. North Carolina was ranked last in the survey.