The results are for state and federal elections in Wyoming. State Representative and State Senator offices that appeared on Albany County ballots are shown.

The winners are in bold. These results are unofficial until the State Canvassing Board meets on November 12, 2014 to finalize them.     

    United States Senator

Republican          Mike Enzi     Votes:  119,444

Democratic         Charlie Hardy    Votes: 29,031

Independent       Curt Gottshall    Votes: 13,164

Libertarian          Joseph S. Porambo    Votes: 3,600

Write-Ins    Votes: 460

      United Stated Representative

Republican          Cynthia Lummis    Votes: 111,054

Democratic         Richard Grayson    Votes: 37,345

Constitution        Daniel Clyde Cummings    Votes: 6,628

Libertarian          Richard Brubaker    Votes: 7,019

Write-Ins    Votes: 390


Republican          Matt Mead    Votes: 97,959

Democratic         Pete Gosar    Votes: 45,299

Independent       Don Wills    Votes: 9,606

Libertarian          Dee Cozzens    Votes: 3,941

Write-Ins    Votes:8,411

      Secretary of State

Republican          Ed Murray    Votes: 117,779

Constitution         Jennifer Young    Votes: 18,673

Libertarian           Kit Carson   Votes: 16,619

Write-Ins    Votes: 846

    State Auditor

Republican          Cynthia I. Cloud    Votes: 135,974

Write-Ins    Votes: 1,308

      State Treasurer

Republican          Mark Gordon    Votes: 136,596

Write-Ins    Votes: 1,244

      Superintendent of Public Instruction

Republican          Jillian Balow    Votes: 97,399

Democratic         Mike Ceballos    Votes: 61,529

Write-Ins    Votes: 867

     State Senator 9

Democratic         Chris Rothfuss    Votes: 3,180

Write-Ins    Votes: 121

      State Senator 11

Republican          Larry Hicks    Votes: 61

Democratic          Linda Fleming   Votes: 16

Write-Ins    Votes: 0

      State Representative 13

Democratic         Cathy Connolly    Votes: 1,571

Write-Ins    Votes: 81

      State Representative 14

Republican          Kermit C. Brown    Votes: 1,720

Write-Ins    Votes: 65

      State Representative 45

Republican          Charles (C.J.) Young    Votes: 989

Democratic         Charles F. Pelkey    Votes: 1,114

Write-Ins    Votes: 9

      State Representative 46

Republican          Glenn Moniz    Votes: 1,690

Democratic         Mike Selmer    Votes: 1,512

Write-Ins    Votes: 5

      State Representative 47

Republican          Jerry Paxton    Votes: 71

Write-Ins    Votes: 0