Let's settle this once and for all, a Rocky Mountain showdown. Wyoming Vs. Colorado - who's got it the best?

Wyomingites love to visit the Centennial State, but would never dream of living in that congestion. Coloradans love hanging in Wyoming, but it's far too boring for them to call home.

Before you vote, check out some of each state's pro's:


1. Way less people, less congestion

2. Less traffic, less accidents 

3. Crime numbers are considerably smaller

4. Wyoming has the wind, but Colorado has nearly 4 times as many tornadoes 

5. Smaller towns and more of a sense of community 


1. More restaurant options

2. More shopping options

3. Both states have a lot of outdoor options, but Colorado has a larger amount

4. Less wind, less road closures 

5. More culture - concerts, festivals, pro sports, etc