Wyoming vs Nebraska – Top 10 Reasons why Wyoming is better than Nebraska!

This is our top 1o reasons why Wyoming is better than Nebraska. Believe me I have more! This is good old fashion sarcasm and should not be taken to heart. Wyoming and Nebraska have only played football 4 times in history. The states share a border so it would make more since to play them more often you would think. Are they scared?


Top 10 reasons why Wyoming is better than Nebraska:

1. In Wyoming we bleed Brown and Gold… Nebraska they bleed Red (literally)

2. In Wyoming we have 4 seasons … In Nebraska they only have 3: 1. Hunting season, 2. Football season and the the long season in between!

3. In Nebraska their idea of ethnic food is mustard!

4. In Wyoming we have mountains in Nebraska they have bluffs!

5. In Nebraska their number one attraction is Cabelas (Man made) .. in Wyoming it’s Yellowstone (God made)  that one hurts, sorry!

6. Wyoming our mascot is a Cowboy who rides a bronc! Nebraska it’s a guy that shucks corn!

7. Why is Wyoming so windy? Because Utah is full of hot air and Nebraska sucks – This explains why the wind can blow both directions!

8. In Wyoming we love our Cowboys but also like hunting, fishing, skiing and hiking .. In Nebraska they only have football to look forward to!

9. In Nebraska they think Possum is “The Other White Meat” In Wyoming at least it’s Antelope!

10. In Nebraska they think TACO BELL is the Mexican Phone Company!

Bad joke of the week:

During the battle of Little Big Horn, Custer asked his Indian scout for an assessment.
Scout: Well General I’ve got good news and bad news.
Custer: Give me the bad news first
Scout: There are thousands of Indians here who are well armed. We are virtually surrounded and almost out of ammo. It looks very, very, bleak.
Custer: Oh, that does sound bad, but what is the good news?
Scout: Well, it looks like we won’t have to go back across Nebraska……

Please send us your favorite Wyoming or Nebraska joke! If they are funny and clean we will post them too.