A rock that can predict the weather? Buffalo, Wyoming residents think it's true...

Some Buffalo residents are also a bunch of smart a**es! 

Along the I-25 and I-90 Junction lies a small grassy area that welcomes travelers to get out and stretch their legs. The park is landscaped by a lone boulder and sign declaring it "The Amazing Weather Rock: The Natural Weather Forecasting Wonder, 100% Accurate."

Category of the Rock                 Current Weather

Damp                                            Humid

Wet                                               Rain

Icy or Snow                                   Cold

Warm                                            Sunny

Bright, Dark, Bright, Dark             Party Cloudy

Bouncing White Spheres             Hail

Dark, Bright, Wet, Dark                Thunderstorm

In The Air                                       Tornado

Rolling                                           Windy

Bouncing                                       Earthquake

Underwater                                    Flood