The great state of Wyoming was built by men with beards and handlebar mustaches. Many of those men wore tight pants, hats and vests. Back in those days, they were called cowboys. These days, we call them hipsters.

And there's more hipsters hanging around in Wyoming than you might think.

Last year, a Thrillist article named Laramie as the Cowboy State's most hipster friendly town. That's a bold statement considering how many cool kids will be visiting Jackson this summer (and desecrating Yellowstone on their social media pages).

With that in mind, we wanted to know: Where are Wyoming's trendiest hipster hangouts?

To determine the answer, we asked the computer geeks who manage our websites in Casper, Cheyenne and Laramie. They're much younger and way cooler than us old fart radio deejays.

Here's their completely unofficial and totally subjective list of hipster hotspots here in the Cowboy State:

Metro Coffee Co. in Casper - This place was around before coffee shops were cool. These days, it's an old school gathering place for the new school crowd. When customers aren't loitering for hours on their tablets and smartphones, they occasionally socialize with other. Bonus hipster points for their regular live music shows.

The Bayou Bar Lounge in Mills - Another staple of the hipster lifestyle is the dive bar. Casper has its fair share of those, but the bitchin', multi-colored sign at the Bayou Bar in Mills is a beacon that beckons the greasy rockabilly crowd for some good ole fashion day drinking while Johnny Cash plays on the jukebox.

The "Speakeasy" at The Suite Bistro in Cheyenne - Not only do hipsters dress like they're from the 1920s, they love to reenact the traditions of the trendsetters who came before them. Luckily, this historic building exudes an authentic speakeasy vibe because it actually was one back in the day.

The Paramount Cafe in Cheyenne - If you want to look really cool at this coffee shop, order the "Rahizzy Mocha" from the secret menu, inquire if their macarons are gluten free and make sure to compliment the paintings from local artists that adorn their walls.

Sweet Melissa's Cafe and Front Street Tavern in Laramie - Don't bother asking for meat here, they don't have any. A popular hangout for earthy vegans and progressive college kids, it's the only place in Wyoming where you can wash down a hummus sandwich with an organic beer and vegan cheese nachos.

The Crowbar in Laramie -  Speaking of beer, no list of hipster hangouts is complete with the requisite $1 PBR bar. This is the place where broke students can get housed on a Tuesday night while chugging cheap tall cans and heckling the guy with the guitar who keeps singing old Radiohead songs.