Wyoming has its fair share of ridiculous laws. For example, in the town of Newcastle, it's illegal for couples to get frisky inside a walk-in meat freezer. It's also against the law to photograph a rabbit from January through April.

If you've ever noticed that people from Lander smell funny during the winter months, it could be due to this little known law.

According to a Lander city ordinance, it's against the law for adults to take more than one bath per week during cold weather. The same law also prohibits children from taking any baths in winter.

Although there are no documented cases of the law actually being enforced, we can all breath easier knowing that our friends from Lander are now legally allowed to bathe regularly during the spring and summer months.

Amazingly, it's not the only law on the books concerning hygiene in the Cowboy State. It was once illegal for Cheyenne residents to take showers on Wednesday.