While I think Wyoming is a little behind the times with the food truck trend, the Cowboy State is slowly, but surely coming around.

There are a couple dozen existing food trucks across the entire state of Wyoming right now and as a food lover (polite way of saying I eat too much) I have checked out several of them!

Let's start the list with some of the runner-ups.

Rockin' Burgers N Dogs in Casper is a fun food truck with, you guessed it, burgers and dogs.

Jackson Hole's Cafe Genevieve Food Truck was inspired by their brick and mortar restaurant. Brunch and dinner options became so popular, they opened the truck.

And if you find yourself in Gillette, Pizza Carrello has a really great food truck. These folks also have the brick and mortar shop to get your pizza on!

With that said here's my top 5 Wyoming food trucks (so far)...