What better time than back-to-school days to check two high school mascots shared by no other school in America. We have our share of Pokes, Punchers, and all things Cowboys, but now for the very unique.

At Arapahoe Charter School on The Wind River Reservation, “Arapaho Nation” just fits with most of its students, who many are Arapaho descendants. The school is the only one in the country to have "Nation" as a second word in its mascot. That’s pride, and a mascot of a sovereign “Nation” just sounds tough to beat.

We’re the least-populated state in the nation, and Wikipedia says Pronghorns” used to outnumber people in Wyoming. But so did dinosaurs. Farson-Eden went with the numbers, though no other school in the nation chose that name. Often confused with the antelope, Pronghorns are the fastest land animal in the Western Hemisphere. That sounds just hard to catch, much less tackle.

Our state has at least two awesome mascot names no one else does. Let us know if there are any more.