It's a nice honor, but don't expect Darius Rucker to be taking it all that seriously.  The Medical University of South Carolina has awarded the popular country star an honorary Doctorate.

It was all part of the Commencement services at the school.  As keynote speaker, Darius addressed nearly 800 graduates in a recent May ceremony.

The school took the opportunity to award an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters.  That's pretty high-falutin' talk...but it was all in recognition of the address, and the fact the Darius and his wife Beth are on the board of Directors of Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) Children's hospital.  There's an even deeper tie for Darius to MUSC; his mother works there. 

Darius has reportedly placed the degree in his home foyer and joked with Country Weekly that  “The first person in my band that does not call me ‘Dr. Rucker’ does not have a job!”