"I feel the need.... The need for speed."   Be patient., settle for 80 for now.


When it's a warm Sunday mid-morning, and the sun has just put a warm touch to the fresh, smooth blacktop and you have a full tank of gas and a lovely redhead next to you in your new Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Roadster, you just have to open it up! Its a moral imperative. Anything less would be a crime. Yeah, good luck with that excuse.


But we barely lived through 55 MPH, we still push 75 when we think we can get away with it (watch yourself around Douglas.) Yesterday the legislature passed the 80 MPH bill that the house already approved and now it just needs Matt Mead’s autograph and we can make the jump to light speed on select stretches of Wyoming highways.


But you don’t think it’s as easy as that, do you? WyDOT will have to complete a $30,000 study to see where it will be safe and reasonable to put the thrusters on full, but soon, it should be a lot faster to get from point A to point B in Wyoming. Eventually, we'll get to 200 mph..