For many Wyoming residents, coming to Laramie to attend the University of Wyoming is a rite of passage. Well, here's a list of ways that make it obvious you are going through that process right now. You know you're a student in Laramie if...

you know what Prexy is

  • you know a Pistol Pete personally
  • you have the SafeRide number in your phone and you know who’s driving tonight
  • you’ve watched a football game without feeling in your feet
  • you have snow tires for your bike
  • Going to the “parlor” has nothing to do with your hair
  • your apartment used to be a house
  • you assume anybody of a different ethnicity is here on scholarship
  • you know what “frat mall” is
  • you assume all helicopters are the National Guard
  • you often ask classmates what their first language is
  • you’ve never experienced a snow day
  • you clarify which “library” you’re going to
  • you only get to wear shorts to class once a year
  • you walk leaning forward
  • you consider all new buildings on campus to be less parking spaces
  • you’ve never driven on Lewis between 9th and 15th
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