Well, not quite yet, but it's pretty widely known that Zac Brown loves to cook.  You just have to be fortunate enough to attend one of the band's famous "meet and eats" to know that.  But, it turns out that the "Knee Deep" artist is seriously considering maybe having his own cooking show.

 And Zac is proud of his cooking chops.  Whenever he does share a repast with his fans, the front man for the Zac Brown Band gratefully offers up fare that he describes as "real Southern Gourmet" 

He's been quoted in the past as saying that he and his wife are seriously considering doing a cooking show together in the not-too-distant future.  He's also reportedly admitted that they've done more than just talk about it or kicking ideas around.

So, where do you suppose such a show could turn up?  Logically, the Food Network would surely be interested.  But, let's not forget that the world of cable TV has many options, from CMT to Lydia's Italy on PBS, Hell's Kitchen, Master Chef, Top Chef and many more.  I'm sure each would really enjoy having the Browns on their shows.

"We've talked about it," Brown said about possibly doing a cooking TV show. "We've filmed a lot of the stuff, a lot of the cooking elements of our stuff to possibly put a show together, and we definitely will do that one day."

Brown, who is the father of a four young girls, says he lives a life that would fit nicely on TV.

"I think our lives in general are just pretty entertaining, or would be for most people," he said. "Getting that good content together and presenting it in a way ...and putting it out there, there's a lot of that to come."

What do you think?  is another entertaining aspect of the Zac Brown Band just over the horizon?  Stay tuned.  I know I would watch.  I like cooking and I like the Zac Brown Band.  Perfect combo, says I.

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