Cheyenne businesswoman Kym Zwonitzer announced today (Wednesday) that she's running as an independent candidate for Wyoming's Senate District 6 seat.

Zwonitzer collected the signatures needed to get on the general election ballot and will face Republican Anthony Bouchard, who narrowly beat her husband, Representative Dave Zwonitzer, in the primary.

"I am a lifelong Republican and I'm proud to be a Republican volunteer at the grassroots level," said Zwonitzer. "I will run as an independent, but I will serve as a common-sense Republican."

Zwonitzer says she will focus on Wyoming jobs and the economy.

"As a state we need to decrease our spending, cut red tape and streamline government," said Zwonitzer. "I learned how to do this over more than two decades as a businesswoman in southeast Wyoming."

"We can maintain jobs, fund education and build our economy during our current economic downturn only if we work together as a state," Zwonitzer added.

Republican Senator Wayne Johnson, who currently holds the seat and is retiring this year, is endorsing Zwonitzer as is Lindi Kirkbride, who ran in the Republican primary for Senate District 6.