Warren Air Force Base has been an integral part of Cheyenne since it was originally established as Fort D.A. Russel nearly 150 years ago. Here are five little known facts about the base.

1. Unlike most Air Force Bases, there’s no runway. It’s the home of the 90th Missile Wing. Can you say, ICBMs?

2. Warren has been involved in several 'suspected' UFO sightings over the years, most recently in 2010.

3. It's widely considered to be among the most haunted places in Wyoming, if not the entire country. Unexplained and mysterious events have been reported here since the 1860s.

4. Soil and groundwater contamination was found from Belvoir Ranch to about 10 miles east. Trichloroethylene was used to degrease equipment. As for solutions to the problem, by 2014 our Defense Department had already spent $15.8 million.

5. Strategic Air Command at Warren was restructured at the Cold War's end. Since the early 1990s that's been known as Air Combat Command, and Air Force Space Command.

Because we are big military supporters, about what we don’t know because they want it kept that way, we are totally good with that.

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